macro function

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    Inefficient SPSS Macro

    I have details relating to over 700,000 customer contacts. Our customers may use more than one address (e.g. home and business) and more than one telephone number (e.g. mobile or landline). It is also possible that there may be more than one name (e.g. mis-spelling) recorded for a particular...
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    Using macro variable to create names for variables

    I want to make a string variable with a number of 0's (say 842 for example). This works: *Macro to make a string var of specified length; %macro zerofill(strname, strlength); length &strname $100.; %let strtemp=%eval(&strlength); %do %while (&strtemp>0); substr(&strname, &strtemp, 1)="0"; %let...