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    figuring out df in MANCOVA?

    Hi, I have a study with 318 Ss, and I have a 3 (priming condition) x 2 (target: self vs. other) MANCOVA with gender, age, being married, and having children as covariates. How do I calculate df_between and df_within? Thanks so much!
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    repeated measures MANOVA or MANCOVA?

    Greetings, The study is pretest-posttest control group design, comparing two treatments and a control group (wait list) on 7 outcome variables using a convenience sample with random assignment to the 3 groups (level of treatment is the independent variable). The outcome variables (continuous)...
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    Catagorical analysis

    Hello, I really need help deciding what statistical test to use, as I don't normally work with categorical data! I think I want to see if there is a significant difference between weak, intermediate and strong frequencies for between A and B at each temperature, and also if there is a change in...