1. G

    [JMP 9] Manova with controlling variables

    Hi there, Where (in which box) do I add control variables running a Manova (fit model) in JMP 9? Thank you gav
  2. J

    Pointers for a 2x2 Discriminant Analysis? Can you do multiple DAs on the same MANOVA?

    Hi, I was wondering whether anyone could point me in the direction for help on performing a DA on a two-factor (2 IVs each with 2 groups) design. I've got the 2-way MANOVA done and found a significant interaction term, and I was wondering whether there was a better way to handle the data other...
  3. Y

    Box's test in MANOVA

    Hi, I have run MANOVA with 3 groups in the independent variables and 8 variables for the dependent variables. I have 4, 5, 5 subjects in each group respectively. In the output, I get this message. Box's Test of Equality of Covariance Matrices is not computed because there are fewer than...
  4. P

    MANOVA: unequal group numbers and inverse transformation

    Hi! :wave: I'm helping my wife with stats for her dissertation. The basic setup: DVs: 15 response items on a personality test IV: 5 levels (different types of trauma) with hugely different ns for each level; n1=16, n2=13, n3=34, n4=21, n5=101 Straight MANOVA in SPSS was showing big...
  5. D

    Manova, covariates and corrected model - significant?

    Hi, I'm writing my dissertation that is in on thursday and I am very very desperate for some help for a statistics problem I am having. Anyhelp anyone can give me I would be soooo grateful for. Basically am testing whether people in different stages of change with regards to exercise remember a...
  6. S

    Questions about MANOVA and ANOVA??????

    I have a BUNCH of questions related to a study I posted few weeks ago. ANY help on ANY of them would really really be appreciated!!!! 1) Can I do MANOVA or ANOVA with 3 groups? If so, group would be an independent variable, correct? Would say I was doing a between group analysis or a across...
  7. spunky

    On the history of MANOVA's null hypothesis...

    hey everyone! this is kind of a different topic from the "how-to-analyze-my-data" questions, but i think it's kind of relevant. anyways, so my advisor brought in this question in our previous research meeting. it seems like people phrase MANOVA's null hypothesis in two ways: 1. the vector...
  8. W

    Can you have a significant 3 way interaction without a corresponding 2 way interactio

    Hi all, I have found a signficant 3 way interaction (X by Y by Z) using MANOVA, but do not have any significant 2 way interactions (X by Z -or- Y by Z) involving relevant factors; is this possible? If so, how? Thanks, Drew