mantel test

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    Comparing p-values from multiple permutation (Mantel) tests on variations of the same

    I am comparing the relationship between genetic and geographic distance of individuals in a wild animal population. The hypothesis is that individuals with higher genetic relatedness establish home ranges closer to one another (shorter geographic distance between them) than to individuals that...
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    Variation of Mantel test?

    Hello. I am new to this forum but it looks like it will be a great reference! For my thesis I used Mantel tests to compare non-parametric behavioral data against genetic relatedness data. So, I had behavior rates in a square matrix and compared them against genetic relatedness values in a...
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    Mantel test, Arlequin and Fsts

    Hi, I am trying to figure out how to carry out a Mantel test and need some advice on which software to use and the type of input files...(at the moment I know of Arlequin..but have no idea how to make the input files for this software). My data is pairwise fst values for multiple...