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    How to create a buying profile from various statistics

    Good morning, I have some information on demographics, population density, income and others per zone. For example, I have all this data per county, and I also have some data that says that people from age X to Y shop 60% online, while people from Y to Z age shop only a 50% online. I have same...
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    Using Regression Analysis to Map requirement Request to developers

    Pls i need help on how to use regression analysis to map requirement request to the software developers....Pls its urgent! anybody got an idea on how suitable this is should pls reply. Thanks much!
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    R mapping help

    Dear all, I have to make a last minute thesis is due in a few days and our GIS lady fell ill. So i'm trying to do this in r, but I am a beginner. I have a global dataset of dependent values (eg. rate of common cold) for 100/240 countries/offshore territories. I have a predictor...
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    help appreciated with a validation exercise

    Hello all, I would really appreciate your help with some statistical analysis (yukh! haha!) A psychometric test has been mapped onto a companies competencies. I need to validate this to make sure it safe, accurate, valid etc to use in the future. My first instinct is to go with a...