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    Missing Value Analysis, Little's test sig (so not MCAR), how to tell if MAR or MNAR?

    Hi Everyone, I have a 7 variable dataset with 500+ participants, and 5.5% of values are missing for a single variable (V7). I'm using SPSS. I have performed Little's test and the result is highly significant p<.001. So I will conclude that the data are not MCAR. Now I have run separate...
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    Missing data in clinical trials - HELP! Differential drop out plus ignoring questions

    Hi, I have a long format, repeated measures dataset. I have 19 variables (columns) - all representing individual questions on a 19 item scale. For my main analysis, I use the sum total of these 19 items across each row in the dataset (and a GEE analysis, with the sum total of the 19 items as...