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    Service robots: Master Thesis

    Hello everyone, I am in the process of analyzing my survey data for my thesis. But i'm kind of stuck regarding which test I should use in my analysis. The survey is comprised of three parts: questions about general attitude on robots (GEN); a scenario (randomized, each respondent gets one of 8)...
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    Multivariate logistic regression?

    Hi! With my master thesis project, I only use categorical data. I have one independent variabele, with four categories. My dependent variables are dichotomous (yes/no). I would like to use logistic regression to calculate the odds that when the categories of my independent variable are...
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    Master thesis, statistics check!

    About me: Medical student with minimal statistical knowledge or research experience Question related to: statistical regression/correlation analysis of a medical trial Trial design: Double blind, randomized controlled trial. Placebo vs vitamin with a few months between baseline and...