1. R

    Is the difference between two groups bigger, then x2 value bigger and p value smaller?

    For chi-square test or other tests involving x2 and p value, is it true that if the difference between two groups is bigger, then x2 value is bigger and p value is smaller?
  2. J

    Statistic Task!

    A newspaper reports that teenagers on average talk 4 times on the phone per night. The headmaster of the school believes that this is too high. He samples 25 teenagers and gets an average of 3.4 calls per night with a standard deviation of 0.9 calls. I want to test this at a 99% confidence level...
  3. S

    Method/test to use analyzing survey

    What type of analysis to do on staff engagement survey to find root cause of problem? Questions covers trust, well being, working environment topics. Answers collected are in 1-5 scale, 1 being strong agree. Method used so far is finding correlation between the questions. Any other...
  4. V

    Evaluate performance

    i have 5 variables of game's data which is evaluated on some logic . example : level = 100% objective = 100% retry = 100% successful moves = 80% score = 25000 now i have such data of every user, above one is just example , now i want to measure performance of such user and using this 5...
  5. T

    Basic R-Software command questions (S.O.S)

    Hello. I just recently started to learn R, therefore, I am not very familiar with the commands. I will be more than grateful if someone explain how to input the following problems in R. I really want to learn to be good with this software. Thank you. Bob asks Alice for lunch together...
  6. T

    Interpretation of a Q-Q plot and Shapiro-Wilk test

    I have the following output from a shapiro-wilk test: Shapiro-Wilk normality test data: goalTime W = 0.9486, p-value = 0.05751 And the Q-Q plot below: Would it be safe to say I cant reject the null hypothesis that the data is normal? What would be the...