1. R

    Comparison of one outcome to all the other outcomes

    Here is some data to play with set.seed(1e4) color = factor(c(rep("blue",20), rep("red",20), rep("yellow",150)), levels=c("red","blue","yellow")) x1 = rnorm(20+20+150,12,3) x2 = c(rnorm(20,5), rnorm(20,5), rnorm(150,7)) x3 = c(rnorm(20,7), rnorm(20,5)...
  2. V

    Meta-analysis of diagnostic test using MCMC

    Hi. Is there some good hands-on tutorial about running MCMC analysis for the meta-analysis of diagnostic tests? Is it inbuilt STATA Bayesian analysis is sufficient for this task or is necessary to install some additional patch? Thanks!
  3. V

    Double hierarchical models on MCMCglmm

    I am new using R and I need a model to fit both the mean and the SD of the model (similar to the Double hierarchical generalized linear models). Is it possible to perform using the MCMCglmm package? I already have a model for the mean, but I couldn't manage to module the SD.