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    Mean or median for central tendency

    Classify each of the narratives below based on whether the mean or median provides a better description of the center of its distribution: 1. Age of professional basketball players 2. Household income in the united states 3. Height of professional basketball players 4. Hours at work in the...
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    Which statistical test to use?

    Hi, My Chinese friend and I are trying to answer the following question: What are the mean weasel body weight per habitat and age class, for males and females, in the different seasons? We are still wondering which statistical test would be most appropriate. Crosstabs (Chi-square)...
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    Normal distribution

    Hi all, I'm generating a random normal distribution and i don't control the mu and sigma (its a matlab function that i need to use because the ratio between the numbers). Is there any way to change the mu and sigma and still keep the same ratio between the numbers in the vector? I hope you...
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    calculating probability of disease according to age

    I'm making a program which, at one point, is supposed to estimate the probability of having a certain disease based on the patient's age. I'm going to feed the mean age at which the disease occurs, along with the standard deviation, into the program, but I can't figure out how to actually...
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    need help mean and varience

    Let X1, X2, …., Xn, and Y1, Y2, ….Yn be 2n observations from a population with mean µ and variance σ2=1. Consider: An = ((X1+X2+⋯.+Xn)- (Y1+Y2+⋯..+Yn))/n Compute the mean and the variance of (√n)An i got following x bar - y bar approach normal (M1 - M2 , 1/n + 1/n)