mean standard deviation

  1. S

    Mean vs Standard Deviation Exercise

    Hey everyone. I would like to know your opinion on the following exercise: We have 2 coders teams (A and B). We want to choose the team who writes less errors. (this is the only criterion) Here are the information from both teams: Mean A: 2.1 Standard Deviation A: 1.14 Mean B: 1.84...
  2. fordy_4

    Comparing groups. Should I use Frequency or T test ?

    Morning everyone, New member to the stats forum and glad to be here. I'm learning stats as part of an internship at a company, but I am having trouble using it as I have (a) little stats experience (b) no experience with this type of software (SPSS). I have been tasked with using SPSS...
  3. C

    Standard deviations related

    Q. A school social worker is determining eligibility for anxiety management groups at a high school she is employed at. If she is interested in identifying the percentage of potential clients who scored higher than 1.5 standard deviations above the mean on a standardized anxiety index, for the...
  4. S

    Normal Distribution and Grade Cut-offs

    Hello, I tried googling this question, watching how-to videos, and read over the chapter in my textbook several times but I cannot seem to understand how to go about solving this question. The following question applies to a normal distribution of statistics test scores with a mean of 100...
  5. J

    Mean and Standard Deviation on Different scales?

    What is the reason why someone would take a mean based on a 5 point scale and then change it to a 4 point scale by multiplying by 0.8 and also report the standard deviation using the 1-5 scale? Shouldn't both the mean and standard deviation use the same scale?