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    Mediation without hypothesizing a direct effect

    I know the current view (contrary to Baron & Kenny) is that you do not need to find a significant direct effect to test for mediation (e.g., Shrout & Bolger). However, can you still test for mediation if you do not hypothesize a direct effect? For example, I'm testing a model in which X...
  2. M

    Nominal Mediation - Is it possible to test for mediation with a nominal dependent?

    Hi everyone, I'm currently working on my thesis which involves mediation using nominal independents and dependents, as well as scale mediators. I understand that binary mediation is possible, using logit or probit models. However, is it possible to test for mediation when your dependent...
  3. L

    Minimum sample size for moderation analysis

    Hi everyone, And thanks for the great job you are doing here. I have a question regarding statistical power and regression. How can I calculate the minimum sample size based on the number of moderators I have in multiple regression? Is there an online tool for this? If for example I have 5...