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    Calculation population size and analysis of a study comparing two outcomes

    Calculation sample size and analysis of a study comparing two outcomes Hi i'm having difficulty finding an answer to this specific problem. I'm preparing a pilot study comparing two medical devices. Each device reads a patient's physiological / laboratory data and provides a...
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    Help with choosing a model

    Hello, I apologize if I am posting in the incorrect place. If so, could someone please direct me or move this thread? Or if something similar has been asked can someone link me to the thread? I am an accountant/finance guy and my knowledge of statistics and quant analysis is limited to...
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    Probability of Unconventional Food Item Alleviating Medical Problem Multiple Times

    For about 2 years, a medical problem has more or less repeated, as follows: The problem normally lasts approximately 3 weeks and then goes away for 3 or 4 days and then repeats. When eating a non-conventional food item, the problem goes away in approximately 2 days instead of 3 weeks...