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    How to merge two data sets with varying date intervals?

    I'm sure this problem isn't unique. I have two sets of data, both $ values and I want to add them together and plot them on a chart. The problem is that one data set is quarterly and the other is daily but I want to display the resulting set (the addition of the two data sets) in weekly or...
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    Need help merging two files with multi-level data

    Need Help Merging Two Files Into One Hi all, I am wondering what is the best way to approach to combine two data sets into one (if possible) OR how to run an analysis using the two. Here is my situation: 1st Data Set: has 400,000+ cases of projects. There are around 30 variables...
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    Correlation conundrum

    Hi there, New to this forum, sought it out because I am having real trouble understanding what is going on with this weird correlation I am finding with my research! I am studying eating disorders and I have two samples: anorexic inpatients (n=328) and healthy controls (n=110). I am...