mixed-effects model

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    Can a mixed-effects regression model be used for univariate analysis or just multivariate?

    I'm using a mixed-effects regression model to account for intragroup correlation. Can this be used in both univariate and multivariate analyses?
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    Mixed-effects modelling of response data (multiple stimuli&subjects) in Matlab

    Mixed-effects modelling of response data in Matlab I have preference ratings (integers from 1-to-7) for k=80 stimuli, obtained from N=30 subjects. I want to use a mixed-effects model to test how well the following variables - as fixed effects - can predict the responses(ratings): Predictor 1...
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    Mixed effects model residual analysis (help!)

    Hello, I have little experience with mixed-effects models and could do with some help when it comes to checking model assumptions. I am using the 'lme()' function from the 'nlme' library in R to test the fixed effects of a repeated measures design. Given a pair of sounds (A and B), each...