model building

  1. G

    Estimating the age of labor market entry

    I need to estimate the age of labor market entry for a given year (2016), but I can only use four explanatory variables: age, sex, income value, and the category in which the worker classifies himself (employee, self-employed, domestic worker, and employer). The data comes from a household...
  2. L

    Which model/test should I choose? (GLM..?)

    Hello! I'm new to statistics but I am getting really stuck with my data so I hope someone could help me to choose the best statistical test. I have some test (dummy) data. I have data from 64 different hospitals, for 5 different countries countries, over 5 different years. In all of the...
  3. K

    Modeling step by step in SAS

    Can anyone guide me in building a credit score model in SAS from beginning to end? Like how to get started with it and how to proceed?
  4. B

    beginner's specification problems

    Hi, I am doing an assignment on unemployment (DV) and racial discrimination - specifically african-american population - and I am in doubt whether to use percent of resident population black resident alone, or black alone resident population. If I use the latter, would I need to switch from an...
  5. rogojel

    Mixing lasso with OLS

    Hi, I am looking at a data set of 45 continuous IV and 1 DV, trying to find an acceptable regression model. I tried the lasso with cross-validation and ended up with about 10 non-zero coefficients in the best model. However, when I ran the sanity test of building the OLS model with the 10...