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    Entering interaction terms

    I am new to this site, but have high hopes that I can find some relief. I have a question regarding entering interaction terms (moderation) in SPSS. Is there a conceptual difference between entering interaction terms and main effects via direct entry (at the same time) vs hierarchically (in...
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    Moderation analysis with a qualitativo moderator

    Hi! :) How can I analyse a moderating effect in SPSS 20 if I have a qualitative moderator variable? :confused: I already have my dummy variables for moderator variable. Thank you so much in advance! :tup:
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    Moderation - Which Variable?

    Hi, I am running moderation analysis using regression in SPSS. I have read that when you have a significant moderation interaction either of the interacting IVs can be said to be the moderator. I am wondering if this is correct, or whether there is and indicator (other than theory) about which...