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    Calculating confidence intervals for monthly data

    Hello, I am currently working with monthly data and I try to calculate confidence intervals for the monthly average. I have data from from 2010 to 2019 and there seems to be some seasonality. The statement I want to make, is: In december 2020, we expect a value of x which lies with a certainty...
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    Odds of rain in March

    Hi TalkStats! I have a problem that I was thinking you all might be able to help me with. I know that it typically rains 5 out of 31 days at a particular location. If I were to recalculate the odds for 2 more days, how would I do that? Day one the odds would be 5/31, but I know it would not be...
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    Making Seasonal Data form Monthly

    I've got a climate data set spanning a number of years in monthly intervals, but I'm only interested in what happens in winter months - October through to March. I've narrowed my data set to only include these months, but now I need to group them into yearly winters eg. winter of 2006-2007...