mortality rates

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    Standardised mortality rate and forest plot

    Hello, in the past i have successfully created a forest plot for odds ratios. However I am struggling to do the same for Standardised Mortality Rates. I have attached an excel example of some made up data that i would like to forest plot. It wouldn't matter to me whether or not I needed to...
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    Confidence intervals exceeding 100% and going below 0% for mortality rates

    Hello, This is probably a very naïve question however, when plotting some graphs of mosquito mortality against different insecticide treatments I noticed the confidence intervals for some of the most effective treatments exceed 100% and that in the control they sometimes go below 0%. Firstly...
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    Comparing mortality rates? 2-sample t-test vs Chi sq vs Poisson regression vs others

    Hi there, Sorry for my ignorance but been a while since I did stats. I am comparing mortality rates between two breeds of pigs. My ultimate goal is to figure out whether the difference in the rates can be explained by random variation or whether there is a breed effect (assuming all other...