multi-level analysis

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    using glimmix for multi-level modeling

    I have a question about how to conduct multi-level analysis in glimmix. I have administered a peer nomination survey to a group of elementary students. The students were asked to indicate if their fellow classmates matched a series of descriptions (let's just label them, X, Y, and Z)...
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    CI to percentage change in ICC

    I'm running fixed effects models to estimate changes in intra class correlations. I first run an unconditional model and then a second model including only level-2 factors. I'm interested in the reduction of the icc when adding only level-2 factors. I'm interested in expressing the...
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    multi-level analysis

    In order to analyze my multilevel data by means of multi-level analysis, I would like to match person-level data (Level 2) of my sample (collected only once, i.e. demographics or cognitive variables) with the corresponding within-person data (Level 1) collected on the multiple occasions e.g...