multi linear regression

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    Multiple Linear Regression Assumptions

    Hi guys! I am gonna model multiple linear regression. Do you think that normality of residuals assumption is met according to the P-P plot? Also, consider the homoscadasticity assumption according to the scatter please. I am writing my Bsc. thesis, what should I do if these two assumptions...
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    compare variables

    hello everyone, can anyone help me on how to do regression analysis using the equation below using stata. Thanks
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    Interpret the root of an independent variable

    Hello everybody, I have a regression model of the following form to investigate: y =b_0 + b_1 * x_1 + b_2 * sqrt(x_2) Now I want to give an interpretation of the model and I do not know how to interpret the influence of x_2 respectively b_2. The formulation for x_1 would be: An additional...
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    SPSS: transforming variables?

    I am doing a single linear regression and multiple regression, but I have a question about my independent variable. My independent variables (X) are between 0 and 100. Some of my hypothesizes is that "A high X will lead to a lower Y" High X = value above fifty to hundred and Low x =...
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    Linear Regression Multiple Choice Questions: Please Help!!

    I have attached my practice sample final for my college statistics course on linear regression. All of the answers are multiple choice, and I need help finding the right answers for questions 5-39 as soon as possible. Please, please, help me if you can, as soon as you can! I need the right...
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    Finding correlation of independent variables with a response variable in R

    I have a set of independent variables X1, X2, X3,..., Xn and a response variable Y. I want to perform some form of data analysis in R so that I only select a subset of those independent variables that have more significant effect on the response variable Y. I want to generate results that should...
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    homoscedasticity violated in more ways than one?

    Hello I need some advice, I am using multiple regressions in SPSS. My data is not entirely normal in its distribution but not bad enough to make me wince with fear. All my variables are measured upon a 1-7 likert scale. However upon running my regressions I am getting two problems, one of which...
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    Which analysis should i use? Rgeression or ANOVA or any ....

    I am doing one analysis in Natural Science discipline: I have lots of data but know I don't know how can I analyze them. As I am not statistician: Could you please give an idea about what you think... See below the plan: 6xBlank (Control) Sampling purpose 1 Measures(GPD, VFA, NH4, N...
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    Datasets for Multiple Linear Regression - How To get the Raw Data ?

    Hello everyone. kindly need ur help.. where can i get the raw data for multiple linear regression. the data should have : Atleast (5 variable) Atleast (50 Observation) include qualitative & quantitative data. Thanx! Malaysia Boleh~!!
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    Multi linear regression

    Hello everyone, I am new here (and to stats in general). Anyway I am working on a project where I want to predict the value of an outcome and I have a few variables known beforehand that might be related. This is how I planned to go about finding a formula that will more or less predict that...