multilevel models

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    Guidelines on Unequal Sample Sizes in Multilevel Models

    One of the advantages of using multilevel models is their tolerance to heterogeneity of variances between groups (or points in time for multilevel models of change). And one of the main problems with having unequal sizes between groups is that this inequality can create heterogeneous variance...
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    HLM Multilevel Modeling - Deviance Statistic Disappeared with MI

    Hi Everyone, I am using HLM 7 for multilevel modeling. I recently started using the Multiple Imputation function in the program, which pools data from 10 datasets that you upload directly into the program. The models run but I can't get the program to give me deviance statistics for model...
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    groups in xtmixed

    Hi all Having some issues with Stata when running xtmixed. The main issue being the number of groups (in initial Group Variable table) is not what I expect it to be. This is a 3-level model. The first is hospital, the second is individuals. As in individuals is the higher level , as they can...