multinomial logit

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    Please help me select the appropriate test for my analysis

    Hi, I have a within-subjects experimental design that features 2 independent factors: (driving condition - 2 levels, sound type - 4 levels), and 1 dependant factor: (emotional response - 4 levels). The data is ordinal. I would like to assess the emotional responses for both independent...
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    Plot Multinomial Logistic Regression

    I am running multinomial logistic regression tests on my data and would like to create probability plots using the results. Does anyone have any recommendations/solutions on how to do this? I've attached a screenshot of some of my data if that is helpful. I'm testing the rating (helpfulness)...
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    Multinomial logit / time-series fixed effects / multivariate regression: Which one?

    As part of a larger study, we have collected a wealth of data on the interactions customers engage in when buying and using a service. Particularly, we have distinguished this process into 8 phases that tend to - but are not necessarily - sequential. Also, not all customers experience all 8...
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    How do I normalize the variance of error terms in multinomal logit/probit models?

    Hi, I use a multinomial logit model to analyze a choice experiment with three options. I normalize the coefficient of one of the options, say option three to zero. I do this to set this option as the reference category. Hence, I am left with two options. Now I want to normalize the variance of...
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    R mlogit: How do I interpret marginal effects using absolute or relative type?

    Hi R users, I use effects() to compute the marginal effects of a mlogit model in R. effects(object, covariate = NULL, type = c("aa", "ar", "rr", "ra"), data = NULL,...) Which type ("rr", "aa", "ar", "ra") in effects() should I use when estimating the marginal effects? How do I...
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    mlogit: restrict coefficient of alternative-invariant variable to be equal for alt

    Hi. For evaluating a choice experiment I estimate a conditional logit model with mlogit in R . The output looks like this: Call: mlogit(RES ~ Money + X1a + X1b + X2a + X2b | Age, data = CE, reflevel = "C", shape = "long", alt.var = "ALT", method = "nr", print.level = 0) Frequencies...
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    Multinomial logit model and weights

    I'm using multinomial logit model in order to model whether a household owns, has access to a computer or none. Household data is weighted - it has a variable which indicates the number of households in the population represented by the household in the sample. Should I use this weights in the...
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    SE of Reference category in Multinomial Logit Model

    I used R to fit a Multinomial Logit model to my data. The data includes some categorical variables as effect coded variables. For example, one variable has four levels of which one is the reference level. When I fit the model I get coefficients and corresponding Standard Errors for all three...
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    Non-linearity in OLS-Models, Multinominal Logit-Regression

    Hey there, I have a question connected to the Ols-Model in case of nonlinearity between parameters. What should be done if the assummption of Linearity in OLS-Model ist not fulfilled and there is an non-linear relationship between the used parameters? And my second question is if I can use...
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    Choice Based Conjoint -MNL

    Is it possible to run a Choice Based Conjoint analysis with SPSS? Otherwise if not possible would it be the same running a Multinomial Logistic regression? Does MLN provide the same info of Conjoint analyses (attributes importance, simulation of preference etc) Thanks in advance, Fabio
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    R mlogit marginal effects with alternative-invariant variables only

    Hi everyone, can someone explain how to calculate the marginal effects of a multinomial logit model with alternative-invariant variables (e.g. income) only. A similar question was asked here but not answered sufficiently. The calculation works only, if I also include alternative-variant...