multiple dv's

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    Bar graph showing difference of means

    Is there a way to create a bar graph, with multiple DVs, showing the difference between the means of the IV? I have two experimental conditions and would like to display the mean differences in one bar graph. The dependent variables are several different test scores and therefore each have a...
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    Which analysis is appropriate for our study design with multiple DV's at 3 levels?

    Our bachelor research is about distance perception in the peripersonal space. The experiment was already complex to design with the oculus rift, but the statistical analysis appears impossible :shakehead. We are trying to fit the data we gathered till now into the right analysis but we are...
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    Help with statistical analyses with only small sample size and multiple DV's??

    I am looking at the relationship between Schizophrenia, Substance Abuse and Neurocognition. I have 30 P's with Schizophrenia and 30 matched-controls (who are matched on age, gender, education level, IQ, and level of substance use), who have been administered a neurocognitive battery of 11...