multiple imputations

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    Regression after multiple imputation

    Hello every one. I want to perform simple binary logistic regression after multiple imputation but I constantly get this message and the execution of the command stops: For split file Imputation Number = 1 the dependent variable has more than two non-missing values. For logistic regression, the...
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    A question about Multiple imputations

    If I use multiple imputations to complete missing values in a certain variable, can I later use the imputated variable in another imputation (to complete missing values in another variable)? If it is possible, how can I do it? when doing the second imputation process should I use the file with...
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    Multiple Imputations in a Dataset

    Dear all, I'm a student working on a dataset based on a cross-sectional survey. The dataset includes around 200participants. The main analysis will involve a linear regression involving 3 predictors and an outcome continuous variable. Unfortunately, the data I have was collected over a long...