multiple regression

  1. L

    Sufficient linearity between predictor and response variables?

    Hello everyone, for a multiple regression I am currently trying to understand if there is sufficient linearity between my predictor and response variables to see whether I can carry on with a regular linear regression. I have three models, with one dependent and the same three...
  2. D

    Help with data analysis plan for dissertation

    Any help would be much appreciated :) For my research project I'm hoping to do a moderation analysis and will be looking at if Variable M moderates the relationship between Variable X and Variable Y. All variables are continuous (scale) and were measured at only 1 time point. My 3 hypotheses...
  3. M

    Fit review for multiple systems

    Hello everyone Im new here so I hope I dont get anything wrong. But heres my question: I am writing my Bacherlors Thesis one chapter of said thesis revolves around finding a better fit to my data than the Van-Deemter equation H(u)=B/u + C*u So after looking through some Data I found about 6...
  4. L

    Multiple Linear Regression results

    Hi guys, I've run a hierarchal multiple linear regression with two predictors and one outcome variable, however I don't understand my results. I've found predictor A to be a significant predictor for my outcome variable alone. However, when both my predictors are in the model, predictor A is...
  5. E

    Calculating F-Value in multiple regression model

    Dear all, I am currently studying for my exam econometrics and i cant find a formula on how to calculate an F value. This is the question: Suppose someone is interested in the relationship between the UK real consumption growth (∆Ct), real income growth (∆Yt) and the growth in real investment...
  6. A

    What statistical test do I need to use for a moderator variable?

    For my study, I'm trying to test whether a variable acts as a moderator between the relationship of two other variables. I read that I should use moderational multiple regression with an interaction effect. However, I heard you can only use it if the moderator variable has 2 categories/ is...
  7. G

    Variable as confounding if it influences other factors in opposite directions?

    I examine the relationship between population density (PD) and the insurance density (ID) taking into account different market exploitations (ME) of an insurance company in municipalities. The correlation matrix (Pearson) shows the following relationships (all high signifikant): PD vs. ID (-)...
  8. souha2018

    Herarchical three-level (Multilevel) generalized linear logistic regression repeated measure with nesting/crossing using glmer in R

    I have been trying to find out the most adequate glmer formula for my data but I found no example that reflects my specific structure as illustrated above. My data is dichotomous [correct/incorrect (0,1)] for vocabulary tests: So here is what I have: Subjects Response as DV Time...
  9. T


    Hi All! I've been trying to manually calculate the sum of squares for 2 independent variables in an ANOVA table and can only seem to work out two total sum of squares exaplianed by the two independent vairables. Is there any way that I can work out how many sum of squares is attributed to each...
  10. A

    Regression or regression alternatives for data missing not at random

    I am analyzing the results of a satisfaction survey. The research question or goal is to determine whether or not (dis-)satisfaction with performing certain activities (as measured by a 7-point satisfaction scale) on a system better predicts or explains overall satisfaction with the system...
  11. J

    Modeling portfolio using multiple regressions

    Hi All, I'm wondering about the viability of this task. I'm looking to form something similar to an investment portfolio, which aggregates different financial securities and calculates the expected aggregated return and standard deviation. As opposed to using the historical returns and...
  12. L

    Trichotomizing an Independent Variable

    In SPSS, how does one go about trichotomizing an independent variable such that about 33% are in each of the three groups?
  13. T

    Multiple regression V.S. Bivariate regression

    Hi there, I'm interested in the effect of several variables on severity of schizophrenia symptoms. I want to look at the effect of 9 predictor variables in a regression model. Severity of schizophrenia symptoms is the outcome variable. My sample size is about 60. My 9 predictor variables...
  14. J

    Regression with summated scale help

    Hi all, I am having struggles with computing a (hierarchical) regression analysis for my data, and i have a feeling this is due to my variables. I have a feeling the problem is with my dependent variable - as it is basically a sum of the three categories per respondent. Is there any way that i...
  15. M

    Panel study, multiple linear regression, assumptions

    Hey. I am doing a project where I am studying a set of companies over a 7-year period. I am doing a multiple linear regression analysis either with fixed or random effects (so, it's a panel study). What I am wondering is if the general assumptions/requirements apply when using the...
  16. A

    Expert Help Required - Multiple Regression with Nominal and Scale Variables

    Hi all, I'm having huge issues with the assumptions of multiple regression and determining whether I am running my analysis correctly. First of all, I have eight different predictors and one outcome variable. The idea is to determine whether each variable is a significant predictor of the...
  17. C

    Multiple Regression on SPSS - Correlations and Coefficients

    Sorry if this question sounds laughable to any of you. I'm really new to stats and find it quite challenging. I'm a 3rd year Biology student and am investigating the effect of several factors on the number of bats that pass the detector device each night. I have run a multiple linear...
  18. K

    Regression analysis in R - which variables to include?

    Hi all, I am doing causal research between the relation between a dependent variable Y which consists of 4 phases (so 4 dependent variables Y1, Y2, Y3 and Y4) and multiple independent variables X1, X2 and X3. My first step was checking if there were correlations between the Y and X...
  19. L

    Multiple regression

    Is there any way you can control for a variable using multiple regression? In order to see if the relationship reduces or disappears between an Iv and DV?