multiple testing

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    Design help

    Design help
  2. E

    Multiple testing correction - What constitutes a test?

    Hello! I am not how to tackle my experimental setup in terms of multiple testing correction: I have three performance measures (m1,m2,m3) that I collected from 20 individuals. On top of that I have two measures of some anatomical feature. I correlated every anatomical feature with all the...
  3. Y

    Correcting for repeated testing with 4 mediation analyses?

    Hi guys, First time poster here, sorry if I post this at the wrong spot or something like that. For my thesis if have the following 4 hypotheses: 1. Emotion regulation (partially) mediates the relationship between cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and social anxiety severity. 2...
  4. S

    Correct application of multiple testing methods in projects with several experiments

    Hi! I have a problem with evaluating how I should correct my alpha and conduct statistical texts when I have several different exeriments in the same project, each with more than two groups to compare. - First off, I have a series of measurements that have a control group and three...
  5. C

    Diagnostic test - speciicity when multiple testing - clever statistician needed!

    During validation of a diagnostic test a false positive event is observed in 1 out of 60 occasions leading to a specificity of 98.3% when testing for a single event. If 30 events are looked for using this test at a single time point and detection of a single event is considered a positive...
  6. N

    Conditional logistic regression, multiple testing.

    Hi everyone! I have 10 exposure variables that i would like to analyze univariate. I've applied the conditional logistic regression model to each exposure, univariate, in the program R. I then applied the summary function to each model to get the test statistic, confidence interval and...
  7. P

    Multiple test correction for Chi-Square in SPSS

    I have 1 binary dependent variable (presence or absence of coeliac disease) and multiple binary independent variables (presence or absence of different symptoms). If I perform a chi square in SPSS it produces a series of 2x2 contingency tables and a p value for each. However I'm aware...
  8. R

    Multiple-testing correction in Moderation analyses

    Hi Everyone! In an exploratory attempt, I ran 35 moderation analyses (both 2-way and 3-way interactions) of which 7 were significant. NOw the reviewer is warning me about false positives and prompting to run some statistical check that would help to identify those. I tried the conservative...
  9. S

    chi-square and multiple testing

    Hi, I want to compare survey responses for a particular survey questions between one year and the next - to see if there is a statistically significant difference in the % agreeing between one year and the next Year - 2012 or 2013 ( explanatory variable) Response - Agree or Not Agree...
  10. A

    testing for overlapping window types in protein sequences

    Dear community members, I have a problem to solve from data in the protein universe. I am working with the sum total of all ~30K proteins for a species (=proteome) 1. Each protein has a certain length (text string, using 20 letter alphabet) and EACH protein has a different length across...
  11. G

    Determining p-values, significant cutoffs and false discovery in non-normal data

    Hi, I have a set of data points from a genetic study. I wish to ascertain which of these data points is statistically significant. The data is not normally distributed. Values can range from zero to the low thousands, with there being a large number of zero values. At present, I am using...
  12. hlsmith

    Multitests Post Significant Chi-Sq Omnibus Test in SAS

    I am hoping there is a basic and easy answer to my question. I ran a 3x2 chi-square test, which was siginificant. I now would like to run the sub-2x2 tests, though I need to adjust alpha for the multiple tests. I could decrease my level of significance or apply a crude Bonferroni correction...