multivariable analysis

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    multivariable regression equation with interaction terms for difference-in-difference method

    I am doing a difference-in-difference analysis on a set of survey data for a health education program and I need to find statistical significance for the difference-in-difference estimate. I know that I find this using a regression. I need to use a regression in a mixed logistic model including...
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    Outlier analysis in CFA - Generalized Cook's Distance

    Hello everybody, I'm running a cfa with the correlated factors and 14 indicator variables in R. For my multivariate outlier analysis I chose Generalized Cook's Distance. The result is: 10 outliers with a range from 1 to 50. To be honest my problem is that I have no idea 1. how to interprete...
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    Multivariate regression versus multivariable regression

    I am doing research to predict if alcoholism is an independent risk factor for bleeding after surgery. I will perform a univariate analysis with a chi squared test to know if other factors, such as age, sex, comorbidities,... are associated with an increased risk for postoperative bleeding...