multivariate analysis

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    Statistics for regional disease risk factors

    Hi, I've data set collected from 700 sheep farms from 5 regions of England (north, south, East, West, Central). The aim is find out if climate variables (maximum temperature, minimum temperature, rainfall) are predictors for animal disease in the regions, so the outcome variable (y) = number of...
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    Treatment-experiment interactions in multivariate data

    I have a data set of multivariate data (4 treatments, 3 samples per treatment, 14 variables, the variables are concentrations of different metabolites). I have 2 repetitions of the same experiment, performed in the exact same way. I would like see if the two data sets from the two repetitions...
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    Chauvenets criterion and multivariate analysis

    Hi Is it a function that could be used in R to run Chauvenets criterion to reject outliers in a data set? Or does it have to be done manually by calculating the mean, standard deviation, probability etc? Also for multivariate analysis in R, what type of analyses can you use when one...
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    Multivariate Analysis for a paired subject longitudinal microbiome study

    I am trying to finish my stats analyses for a microbiome study, and the last thing on my list is multivariate analysis. I have a paired group of infants and their primary caregivers with samples taken 5 times over a 1 year period along with clinical data (sex, feeding, delivery etc). I'm looking...
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    Comparing categorical outcome variables in repeated measures design

    I am working on an observational prospective longitudinal study with a repeated measures design. The same categorical outcome is measured for five times, for all the participants, over a time period. So there are five outcome (dependent) variables and a few predictor variables. First of all, I...
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    Comparing proportion between categorical outcome variables, repeated measures design

    I am working on an observational prospective longitudinal study with a repeated measures design. The same categorical outcome is measured for five times, for all the participants, over a time period. So there are five outcome (dependent) variables and a few predictor variables. First of all, I...
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    Multivariate regression on nominal data

    I have a database of patient data and I' want to perform a multivariate analysis looking at risk factors for patient length of stay more than 3 days. For example I have: Operation type Operation findings Length of stay > 3 days weight type x finding a...
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    Which test would be appropriate to test multiple variables?

    I have a data on users with 5 personality variables. The users had to pick a logo for three different projects (most likely, may be, least likely). The question is why the users chose the logo they did - is it the color, the shape, etc. There are 3 data sets - the personality test results...
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    similarity between two random variables

    There have two random variables, each of which is of five dimension. One random variable tracks the data collected from one device. The other random variable represents the data collected from another device. I would like to see whether these two devices are replaceable with each other by...
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    Application of Multivariate Analysis

    The following situation is proven valuable where multivariate analysis can be applied. This example is taken from the book `Applied Multivariate Statistical Analysis` written by `Richard A. Jhonson & Dean W. Wichern`.: "A study was conducted to investigate the reactions of cancer patients to...
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    Interaction effect of group (IV) and questionnaire type (DV) - Possible with MANOVA?

    I already tried google and also the forum search - unfortunately I didn't find any good answer to my question: I want to know whether my two groups differ on two subscales of the same questionnaire. My hypothesis is that group 1 is worse on both subscales, but the difference to group 2 is...
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    Permanova + T-test

    Hello, I have a question regarding the data analysis listed below. I am trying to run a similar study but I can't truly understand why a PERMANOVA was used. Any help would be greatly appreciated. In my study, I am comparing prey species composition, abundance, pecking rate, and swimming...
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    Extend economics thesis with multivariate analysis

    Dear all, Working on my Master Thesis I got the remark from my supervisor that I have to extend the research with a multivariate analysis. I have been looking at literature, text books and different forums how to approach this, but could not find any usefull sugestions. If anyone could help...
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    MLR equivalent for repeated measures, multiple correlated responses

    I'd like to determine the best approach to determining effect sizes for a set of experimental data with multiple correlated responses. Due to repeated measurements and high correlation between responses, I know that a simple multiple linear regression model obviously isn't the answer. The...
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    Choosing factors for principle components analysis

    Hello, I am running a PCA on a dataset that includes 43 water wells, each with up to five descriptive factors associated with it (temp, distance to significant location, depth, number of taxa, volume of flow). I am using XLSTAT to perform the analysis. Running the PCA with the whole...
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    When to use Multivariable vs. Multivariate?

    Hi - I recently met with a statistician to discuss some of my data, and learned quite a bit, but was still left with some questions. I have learned that there is a difference between multivariable and multivariate data; however, I am not certain when to use each approach. I understand that...
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    R Test for Significance - ANOVA?

    The Data set; 3 sample types (this includes the control) with 2 treatment types, treatment applied every 2 days for 30 days. I know the 2 treatments will produce different results are am not testing for difference between them, interest is in the three sample types and how they handle a...
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    Multivariate Survival and Distribution Functions

    Hello, I would like to confirm if the attached relationship between the multivariate survival and the distribution functions is correct. I read elsewhere that in the multivariate case, the equality in the attachment isn't true. Am I missing something? Thank you.
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    Type I and type II errors in multiple factor ANOVA

    Hello, I wonder if someone can explain to me what happens with type I and type II errors as you add more factors to ANOVA design, specifically to the repeated measures. Thank you.
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    This is an example of a Nonnrmal Bivariate Distribution with Normal Marginals

    Its a problem set that given to us on our major Multivariate Analysis. But i don't know where and how to start. Any ideas? 4.8 Let X1 be N(0,1) and X2 = { (-X1 if -1 ≤ X1 ≤ 1 or X1 otherwise) . Show each of the following. (a) X2 has also an N(0,1) distribution. (b) X1 and X2 do not have a...