multivariate logistic reg

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    Multivariate Regression - comparing two models with different numbers of observations

    Hello, I am attempting to do a multiple regression analysis, but my dataset contains multiple missing values. The values were recoded as ".", but I still cannot get the number of observations to match between the two models and, therefore, cannot run a LRT test. Most of the variables are...
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    How to analyze data with more than one associated categorical dependent variables?

    I have some dependent variables related to the growth of a company having categories like (e.g. for variables indicating net profit, financial turnover etc.) (1) decreasing, (2) stable, (3) increasing and (4) rapidly increasing. Now these variables are associated and ordinal in...
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    Goodness-of-fit of model derived from multivariate logistic regression

    I have a question regarding the relationship between the value of Chi square and df in determining the goodness-of-fit in a model derived from multivariate logistic regression. If the N= 290, Chi square =26.57, p=0.003 in a model with 16 variables (df is not reported), can one tell if this is...
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    multivariate logistic regression

    Hello, I need to perform multivariate logistic regression on 3 binary variables. My independent variables are also categorical (3-10 levels) plus 1 continuous variable. How can i do this on SAS? I cant' find a procedure that works. Any ideas? Thanks