mutual information

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    significance of the difference between two values

    Hello all, I'm working on a skew-normal distribution and would like to know if the difference between 2 values of the data set is significant. It's the distribution of Mutual Information between couples of lemmas (100,000 of them). You can see the distribution on the jpg image. What I...
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    joint probability with conditional

    Hello, What is P(A|B, C)? I have a dataset and I want to estimate the mutual information of A|B and C. The formula for mutual information is Sum_A|B Sum_C p(a|b, c) log( p(a|b, c) / p(a|b) p(b) ) da db I'm looking for a formula for p(a|b, c) Many thanks in advance Xavier
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    incremental Mutual information

    Mutual information I computed Mutual information between two variables X and Y from data D at time t. I(X,Y) from D. Now at time t+1 new data arrived so, how i can estimate new value of MI using previous value rather than previous data. Thanks in advance.