negative correlation

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    Can random effect only model positive correlations?

    Hello, I am a PhD student working in behavioral ecology. I am currently working on reviews for a paper, in which I aim to investigate the influence of mate familiarity on female mate choice. I presented a female with two males (one she already mated with and a "novel" male) and a neutral area...
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    Interpreting negative correlations between factors?

    Hello evetyone! I conducted factor analysis on a 30-item scale which is suppose to be measuring xenophobia. All the variables were previously recoded in order to express the same side of the measured dimension. (I am using SPSS) I intend to analyse the relationship between xenophobia and a...
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    SEM: negative coefficients

    I am doing a SEM/path analysis (using AMOS 17) find out out what predicts creative problem solving (CPS). Essentially I found that certain family processes predict one's personality, which in turn predicts CPS. This was based on the medium/strong correlations, but one sub-factor (father's...