nested data

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    Can we apply statistics on replicated data (Nested repeated measure)?

    Dear Experts, In my study I have 2 groups i.e controls (n=23) and patients (n=30). And again in patients, I have 2 sub-groups i.e subgroup1 (n=15) and subgroup2(n=15). I have spinal cord area (SCA) at 4 different spinal cord levels (C1, C2, C3, C4) from these groups. I would like to investigate...
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    Factor analysis with nested data

    I would like to perform a factor analysis on survey data for which I have some participants (most actually) who completed multiple surveys based on perceptions of grandparents' role in their child's life. So one parent may have reported on her parents, dad's parents, her grandparents, etc. Data...
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    Mixed model analysis for group differences if some participants but not all are family members of eachother

    Hi! I have a question. I'm very new to mixed model analysis and I'm trying to find out how I can use it to solve my problem. In my research project, I have seen two groups of children (cases and controls) and they performed all sorts of psychological tests and filled out questionnaires. Now I...
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    Multilevel Confirmatory Factor Analysis

    Can you do multilevel CFA in AMOS? I have nested data (people in groups aka students in classes) and would like to do a CFA. I know that you can conduct MCFA in MPLUS but I have AMOS. I've tried searching and can't seem to find an answer....which may mean no but would like some confirmation. Thanks.
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    Hierarchical regression with partially nested variables

    I would like to do a logistic regression of vaccination coverage of, for example, HPV. Let's assume that we have 50 states (S). 30 states have an urban part and a country part (urbanity variable U). The other 20 have only a country area. 10 of the states have population areas where individuals...
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    Nested Data - is mixed effects modeling appropriate here?

    Hi! I'm trying to determine the most appropriate way to analyze a data set which comes from a nested experimental design. The basic setup is this: a muscle biopsy is obtained from one of three possible muscles. The tissue properties of each biopsy are tested - the response is "modulus"...
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    Random Resampling from Nest Data

    First off, thanks for your help if you have any comments, and I apologize if there is a post about this somewhere (I was unable to find one). So, here is my problem. I need to randomly draw samples from my dataset of grouped data. I have observations in separate rows. Each participant belongs...