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    Bonacich Power

    I am working on some network statistics, and used Bonacich Power as one of my centrality measures. I understand that by choosing the beta parameter < 0, would mean that nodes connected to nodes that are less well connected would have higher power. I have two questions (1) How would one interpret...
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    Comparing network properties of 2 groups of unequal sizes

    Hi, This may be a basic question. I wish to compare networks of 2 groups: 1st group: Controls. Size 30. 2nd group: Patients. Size: 80. How should I best control for age and gender, for instance, before doing any further analyses? Can I take only 30 patients whose means...
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    WGCNA: Combining block-wise dendrograms and modules into a single figure

    Hello fellow R users, I am currently learning to use R, so please forgive me if there is an obvious explanation for the following problem. My goal is to perform WGCNA on a dataset of 19776 genes, so I opted to follow the block-wise network construction (Section 2c) in the WGCNA R Tutorial by...