1. T

    I am a newbie when it comes to SPSS, does anyone know which test I need to use for my analysis, and how to do this?

    Hi, I'm new on this forum and new to statistics and SPSS as well (it is not my strong suit, unfortunately, but I have to do this for a project). I am trying to investigate the relationship between the frequency of cannabis usage and the respective alcohol, tobacco and illicit drug use in...
  2. D

    Stupid post for a newbie. There is a premade table. How do I know which gender is which number?

    It's on the red rectangle. ''Sex = gender''. I saw on a tutorial that if I clicked on Data View and then on Value Labels the numbers of each cell (0 and 1) would turn back to their original ''name'' (female and male). It's not working. How do know who is 0 and who is 1?
  3. E

    Survival Analysis-missing time points?

    Hi everyone, Im new to survival analysis and I was hoping I could get some help. I am trying to perform survival analysis (time to event) on a year long trial where participants are sampled at multiple time points and I am looking for time of event (infection occurrence) and also for time of...
  4. rankiej


    Hi there I am Rankie Major in Psychology, and struggling in data analysis. Right now learning R and SPSS Nice to meet you:)
  5. B

    totally lost...

    Hey, I need some help. I'm a full on Arts-and-Humanities person, but I need some stats! Here's the story: 1. Two groups of participants: Group 1 got the treatment, Group 2 didn't. 2. I've calculated the difference in their scores from the pre-test and the post-test (on 5 different...
  6. A

    twoway ANOVA, post hoc test? New to statistics.

    This is probably easy, but this is new to me, hoping for some help here:tup:
  7. H

    Thumbs Up or Down on my logic

    Very rusty on my statistics and will appreciate validation or correction on my thinking. "Fair" playing field - 88 players (18 in red shirts, 70 in green shirts ) - 22 winners. Probability no red shirt wins is (I hope): 66/88 * 65/87 * 64/86 ... 49/71 = 0.00283, i.e. (66!/48!) / ( 88!/70!)...
  8. I

    (3x4) 2way anova

    Hi there. I have a problem with conducting the 3x4 anova test. I have two independent variables - data through 3 years divided into 4 seasons (spring, winter...). The dependent variable is the frequency of patients. No matter in what statistical software I try to do the test, I always get the...
  9. K

    Help! Repeated Measures ANOVA SPSS

    Context of study: 32 participants completed a self-esteem questionnaire (scores can go from 0-40). Then they are scanned in a fMRI so we can see their brain activation. On one day, they drink alcohol. On another day they drink placebo. In my SPSS sheet, I have 32 subjects. Each has a...
  10. N

    Hello from a struggler

    Hi, I work as a performance manager in the UK and am trying to improve my understanding of "grown up" statistics.
  11. V

    Anova? Manova? multiple T-tests? (newbie question warning)

    Hello all I have study data to analyze, and my normal stats guru is out of town. The study (some facts altered to protect the innocent) goes like this: Research question: Do jumping-jacks have a significant effect on the body? 10 subjects came into the lab (individually). They had 5...
  12. H


    Hi all, I recently discovered an interest in statistics and playing with Stata a lot. I just want to play around with more datasets from different industries with different perculiarities to get a deeper understanding of the concepts and commands. Please send some my way and would be nice...
  13. L

    Predicting answers to yes/no questions based on stimulant use

    Hi I don't like signing up to forums just to ask questions, makes me feel like a bad person. Usually I just lurk about till I find an answer but it ain't worked this time. Oh well, I'll try to contribute in the future if I can. Anyway the title might sound exciting but it's really not. I...
  14. P

    Pamela-your Irish newbie

    Hi I'm Pamela. I'm new here and I'm a postgraduate student studying ecology. I am also currently writing my thesis and trying to improve my knowledge of statistics :wave:
  15. D


    Hi everyone! I'm Ku from Malaysia. Currently I'm a domestic manager and doing some part time job for data entry and statistical analysis but I've forgotten most of the statistical stuff cause I haven't done any of it for more than 5 years now, LOL! :eek: I'm looking forward for the knowledge...
  16. MaxwellH

    Quick hello

    Hey there TalkStats folks, Found these boards not too long ago and was happy to see there is a place for students/professionals interested in statistics to gather and chat! Brief academic background: I graduated with a B.S. in Biology (minored in math) in spring 2010. During my much...