1. E

    Survival Analysis-missing time points?

    Hi everyone, Im new to survival analysis and I was hoping I could get some help. I am trying to perform survival analysis (time to event) on a year long trial where participants are sampled at multiple time points and I am looking for time of event (infection occurrence) and also for time of...
  2. rankiej


    Hi there I am Rankie Major in Psychology, and struggling in data analysis. Right now learning R and SPSS Nice to meet you:)
  3. B

    totally lost...

    Hey, I need some help. I'm a full on Arts-and-Humanities person, but I need some stats! Here's the story: 1. Two groups of participants: Group 1 got the treatment, Group 2 didn't. 2. I've calculated the difference in their scores from the pre-test and the post-test (on 5 different...
  4. A

    twoway ANOVA, post hoc test? New to statistics.

    This is probably easy, but this is new to me, hoping for some help here:tup:
  5. H

    Thumbs Up or Down on my logic

    Very rusty on my statistics and will appreciate validation or correction on my thinking. "Fair" playing field - 88 players (18 in red shirts, 70 in green shirts ) - 22 winners. Probability no red shirt wins is (I hope): 66/88 * 65/87 * 64/86 ... 49/71 = 0.00283, i.e. (66!/48!) / ( 88!/70!)...
  6. I

    (3x4) 2way anova

    Hi there. I have a problem with conducting the 3x4 anova test. I have two independent variables - data through 3 years divided into 4 seasons (spring, winter...). The dependent variable is the frequency of patients. No matter in what statistical software I try to do the test, I always get the...
  7. K

    Help! Repeated Measures ANOVA SPSS

    Context of study: 32 participants completed a self-esteem questionnaire (scores can go from 0-40). Then they are scanned in a fMRI so we can see their brain activation. On one day, they drink alcohol. On another day they drink placebo. In my SPSS sheet, I have 32 subjects. Each has a...
  8. N

    Hello from a struggler

    Hi, I work as a performance manager in the UK and am trying to improve my understanding of "grown up" statistics.
  9. V

    Anova? Manova? multiple T-tests? (newbie question warning)

    Hello all I have study data to analyze, and my normal stats guru is out of town. The study (some facts altered to protect the innocent) goes like this: Research question: Do jumping-jacks have a significant effect on the body? 10 subjects came into the lab (individually). They had 5...
  10. H


    Hi all, I recently discovered an interest in statistics and playing with Stata a lot. I just want to play around with more datasets from different industries with different perculiarities to get a deeper understanding of the concepts and commands. Please send some my way and would be nice...
  11. L

    Predicting answers to yes/no questions based on stimulant use

    Hi I don't like signing up to forums just to ask questions, makes me feel like a bad person. Usually I just lurk about till I find an answer but it ain't worked this time. Oh well, I'll try to contribute in the future if I can. Anyway the title might sound exciting but it's really not. I...
  12. P

    Pamela-your Irish newbie

    Hi I'm Pamela. I'm new here and I'm a postgraduate student studying ecology. I am also currently writing my thesis and trying to improve my knowledge of statistics :wave:
  13. D


    Hi everyone! I'm Ku from Malaysia. Currently I'm a domestic manager and doing some part time job for data entry and statistical analysis but I've forgotten most of the statistical stuff cause I haven't done any of it for more than 5 years now, LOL! :eek: I'm looking forward for the knowledge...
  14. MaxwellH

    Quick hello

    Hey there TalkStats folks, Found these boards not too long ago and was happy to see there is a place for students/professionals interested in statistics to gather and chat! Brief academic background: I graduated with a B.S. in Biology (minored in math) in spring 2010. During my much...