non linear regression

  1. R

    How to use a pre-trained model to predict on new data

    I am trying to look for examples where a pre trained model on one kind of dataset can be used to predict a new kind dataset and I would like to explored methods that do not use deep learning. I understand that it is possible to use a pre-trained model as an input for a new model but I am not...
  2. M

    Comparing two non-linear models

    I have a non-linear model and I would like to determine if there is a difference between two treatments. Would it be robust to add in treatment as a dummy variable into the model. Where a value of 1 would represent treatment A and a value of 0 would represent treatment B. Then if the treatment...
  3. I

    whole data vs training/test data

    I have time series data of about 150 sample and 8 variables. It is used to generate a interaction network, whose exact structure is not known yet. I can propose a model using two ways: First approach, use 100 variable as training (derivation) data and 50 for testing (validation) set. This...