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    Independent, non-normal, unbalanced, analysis of an interaction effect

    I have previously used straightforward two-way ANOVAs for comparing bone density across sport disciplines. I have males (M) and females (F) across low impact (LI) and high impact (HI) sports (N = 92). I have 24 males and females in in the LI group, 19 females in the HI group, but 39 males in the...
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    Residual Plot Interpretation

    I'm fairly new to statistics as a whole so you'll have to excuse my ignorance if this is an easier answer than I've been making it to be... I have an OLS regression. The fitted-observed and fitted-residuals plots are below. Needless to say the data is non-normal. Is there anything I can do to...
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    Clarification in statistical test

    Hi. I would like to know if Mann-whitney U test is appropriate. My data is non normal. I want to compare 3 catorgories ( human-trail, fences and control) with the dependant variable being animal trail lengths. Is this an appropriate test to use or is there a better suited statistical test?
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    How to analyze non-normal DVs from 4x4 repeated-measures design

    Hello all I am struggling to find the right technique for analyzing my data. 20 subjects experienced all levels of both factors. Both factors had four levels. The residuals for most DVs were not normally distributed as would be assumed for a two-way repeated-measures ANOVA. I am not aware of a...
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    Help with non normality distribution. Transformations didn't work. Help!

    Hi, new to this forum. I'm writing up my MsC in psychology and I've got problems with my data. The study involved administering questionnaires to 157 young carers. The dependent variables I've got are: emotional symptoms, peer problems, prosocial behaviour, hyperactivity, difficulties...