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    Logistic regression model - numeric predictors modification

    I am running a regression using multiple variables in order to predict a binomial outcome. Two of my variables are numeric, most are categoric. My two numeric variables are age and bmi. I have calculated an odds ratio for each of those variables (e.g. if the bmi increases with 1 point...
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    [R] Changing 2 Numeric Variables to 1 Categorical Variable in R?

    I am a finance student and have been playing around in R the past couple of weeks (Rookie here..). QUESTION: I have two numeric variables: A and B. And I want turn these in one cathegorical variable C. C takes the following values: 1 if A and B both score top decile – or quintile of the...
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    Stubborn Charachters! Need help converting CHR variable to Numeric (in R)

    Hi, I am an "R beginner", still getting my bearings.... please help. I read in a csv as follows: defense <- read.csv ("defense.csv", header=T, stringsAsFactors=F) My issue is the dollar "amount" field was assigned "character" type, as follows: str (defense) 'data.frame': 5024 obs. of 11...
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    What is the effect of categorising categorical data as numerical data?

    If I'm doing a PCA and I have categorical data as well as numeric but code it all up as numeric what is the issue?
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    Length of a numeric variable---already imported

    Hi, I imported an excel file into SAS 9.3. One of my variables is INCOME. Running a proc freq, my income is listed out of order, according to the first number, so for instance, here is an example of my output (attached): Do I need to re-import the excel datasheet with some kind of...
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    Unlist command drops all my column names in the first row and adopts NAs

    Hi Everyone, I am having trouble turning my data.frame into a matrix format. Because I wanted to change my data.frame with mostly factor variables into a numeric matrix, I used the following code --> UN2010frame<-data.matrix(lapply(UN2010,as.numeric)) However when i checked the mode of...