1. W

    Odds ratio became different direction after adding other variables in the logistic regression model

    I am doing a logistic regression to test out the relationship between problematic behaviour and a number of variables e.g. self-centeredness, delinquent peers, childhood adversity and parenting. If I put "self-centeredness" alone into the model, it is But then, if I added other variables...
  2. R

    using an odds ratio to predict prevalence/incidence in different populations

    Say you have an odds ratio which represents the ratio of outcome given a particular exposure to the outcome given no particular exposure. How can you use this ratio to make an estimate about the incidence in a population that has that known particular exposure? For instance, say there is an...
  3. M

    CI and Odds-ratios calculation for 2x2 tables.

    Hi, I am currently trying to see if there is an association between a specific haplotype and and disease i two population. So far i have managed to do a Fisher´s exact test however i would also like to calculate the odds-ratio and see the CI if its possible. Using the command: tab rowvar...