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    Any Suggestions A Good Discussion Topic For An Online Intro Statistics Course

    I'm teaching an online Intro Statistics Course for the first time. This week my Discussion Forum Topic is "How will Statistics be important in the your career choice?" Students are supposed to reply to my Question then they must reply to the responses of two other students. I'm looking...
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    Can anyone give me advice please? Where can I run SPSS online?:)
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    Stata 14

    Where can I run Stata 14 online please???:)
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    New member here. Any recs for a 1-2 college unit online statistics course?

    Thanks for having me. I have five units of statistics (4 Intro to Probability & Statistics, 1 SAS Programming) and am looking for an online course I can take right away that offers one (maybe two) semester hour(s) of statistics. I've scoured this forum and the internet and have found the...
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    So I'm starting a website (see thread title) devoted to statistical power analysis and sample size determination. Why? B/c I make power/sample size calculations all the time in my work. Sometimes a common statistical test will do; sometimes something a little more complex. But, invariably...
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    Online Poker Fairness Evaluation Project

    Hello, I have been playing online poker for many years and have been a winning player over this time. I have been on the worst streak of my life recently and consequently have questioned the fairness of these sites. Reasearch online has led me to many forums where people are experiencing the...
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    Job Openings for Online Statistics Tutors

    Hi Everyone, is currently looking for more Online Statistics Tutors. All of the tutoring takes place online through their proprietary classroom and you can tutor from anywhere you have a high speed internet connection. The students are connecting from schools, libraries and...