1. J

    Number of Possible Orders

    In a regional spelling bee, the 8 finalists consist of 3 boys and 5 girls. Find the number of sample points in the sample space S for the number of possible orders at the conclusion of the contest for: a) all 8 finalist. b) the first 3 positions. My solutions: a) 8! = 40,320 sample points...
  2. A

    Inventory management from Donald Waters pg 75 .

    I want to know how did he calculate the holding cost for EOQ model. Ques.:- Sarah Brown works for a manufacturer that makes parts for marine engines. The parts are made in batches, and every time a new batch is started it costs £1,640 for disruption and lost production and £280 in wages...
  3. trinker

    Rank Coefficients

    Is there a way to rank the relative importance of correlation coefficients?