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    Five Category Ordered Probit Log Likelihood Function in R Help : Survey Data Research

    I am currently working with some survey data that has a 5 category scale. I have used a ML method before for a 4 category scale and I am trying to adapt the code for the new survey in R. The original code that worked was: #Load Data mathcomp <- read.csv("RRawComposite11.csv"...
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    use of linear predictions from ordered probit as right-hand side variables

    Hi all, Does anyone know if it is OK to use an ordered probit model to predict a latent variable, e.g. self-perceived health; and then use the linear predictions as a right-hand side variable in another ordered probit to predict a different latent variable, e.g. life satisfaction. The...
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    test for heteroscedasticity in Ordered Probit model?

    hi Anyone knows how to perform a test for heteroscedasticity in a ordered probit model in R? I tried to use bptest(model) and I tried plot(model, which=1), but these comands only seem to work for linear models..! Kind Regards Maria
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    "parallel regression assumption" test r studio

    Hi Can anyone tell me how to do a parallel regression assumption test in Rstudio?
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    Ordered probit model and discret independent variables?

    Hello there If I want to estimate an ordered probit mode,l because my depend varible takes the ordered values 1,2,3 and 4, can I do that if I only have discret explanatory variables? Kind regards M
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    unrestricted cumulative probit model with vglm()---extend to a multivariate setting?

    Hello. I'm trying to fit a multivariate, unrestricted cumulative probit model. I've had success in fitting a proportional odds probit model using polr(method="probit") in the MASS package and the unrestricted cumulative probit model using vglm(cumulative(link="probit)) in the VGAM package...
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    Which analysis should I use? Ordered Probit?

    I want to run a regression: (person's stock performance rating) = B(nonS&P/S&P500 portfolio concentration) + Ei ...where a person's stock performance is on a 1-10 point scale. I want to see what the probability a person's rating will be given the concentration of nonS&P to S&P stocks. I...