1. M

    Fisher's exact test - two-tailed

    Hi guys, I performed a fisher's exact test on Genstat and got this result: One-tailed significance level 0.563 Mid-P value 0.371 Two-tailed significance level Two times one-tailed significance level 1.126 Mid-P value 0.741 Sum of all outcomes with Prob<=Observed 1.000 Mid-P value...
  2. H

    Power function - finding if the slope is significant or not?

    Hi, I'm using power functions to look at a relationship between time and age and I need to be able to test whether or not the slope of this relationship is significant or not. I am using SYSTAT, but cannot find out how to run this and produce a p-value. Is this not possible to test at all...
  3. M

    Multiple, hierarchal regression - division of p-value?

    Hey everybody! I am pretty new to this forum and also to statistics. In these days I try to analyze the data for my Bachelor thesis. I study psychology in the north of Germany. Well, my questions refer to the process and the output of my multiple, hierarchal regression. I have two...
  4. K

    Relationship between effect size, sample size and p-value?

    Is there a simple formula that links effect size, sample size and p-value? Specifically, how does the p-value depend on effect size and sample size? Are there any other critical factors involved in this relationship? I'm basically looking to understand how these factors are linked...
  5. J

    How do I test the significance of my correlation coefficients for various regressions

    Hi, I have a set of 25 points and I used a TI-84 calculator to calculate the linear, quadratic, logistic, exponential, and power regression models for this data set. I have, likewise, obtained the r^2 value for each of these regressions. Some of these r^2 values appear to be quite similar. For...
  6. W

    Is it meaningful to calculate a p-value based on a convenience sample?

    Ignore the bootstrap as a possibility. If the answer is no, then what is the point of stating the p-value (especially if it is, say, 0.10)?
  7. C

    Pleease help!? Filling in "blanks" in Regression Output

    Hello! Can someone please explain, I need to fill in the blanks marked They provide this info in a row: Coeff:-9074.674 Std.Err: ?? p-value: 0.000 95% Conf.Intervall: -13272.86, -4876,485 How do I calculate Std.Err & t-stat here? Please help me, thank you! :) Best Regards
  8. R

    Conceptual queries in modeling

    Hi all, I am from engineering background. I would require your help in certain conceptual questions in modeling. Your help would be greatly appreciated! Following are my few questions... (Pointers on these questions would help me , else you may direct me to any useful resources.) 1)If a...
  9. A

    Samples p-value in ANOVA

    Hi, my problem regards ANOVA: if the ANOVA test is sginificant (p-value<0.05), is there a way to calculate a p-value for each sample, in order to detect which is (are) significant different from the others? I know there are some post hoc tests, like Tukey or Scheffé, but they all compare...
  10. D

    Finding Significant Difference between Linear Regressions

    Hello. I have a scatterplot with two different sets of data plotted. Each individual set has its own linear regression formula and R-squared value. What type of test could I run on Microsoft Excel to get a p value to see if one dataset's trend is significantly different than that of the other...
  11. L

    Comparing two estimated distributions

    I estimated the density function (adaptive kde) from two samples (one of small size) and the cdf using approxfun() and integrate() in R. Now, I would implement a ks test to know if the two distributions are similar. I guess I have two options: Either, I draw two samples and use the function...
  12. S

    p value of the constant, can I ignore it?

    I'm analysing the influence of various factors on hare harvests in a specific are. E.g. How do the hare harvests change when the fox harvests increase. Term Coef | SE-Coef | T-Value | P-Value Constant | 415.0 | 28.7 | 14.46 | 0.000 Annual fox harvest | -1.054 | 0.193 | -5.45 | 0.001...
  13. C

    How can I get R to generate p-value when doing a correlation matrix?

    How can I get R to generate p-value for each correlation when doing a correlation matrix? Here are my current steps: > M <- cor(data1) # get correlations into Matrix > library('corrplot') # import corrplot library > corrplot(M, method = "circle")...
  14. X

    Urgent: Hypothesis Testing with unknown standard deviation

    Hi, I'm having a lot of trouble figuring out this problem without knowing the standard deviation. Please if anyone could help me that would be very much appreciated. Thank you! I also don't know how to calculate anything other than a 95% confidence interval. A national survey conducted in...
  15. H

    Find xbar - Hypothesis Testing

    I have a question I'm stuck on: You are given the following hypotheses: Ho: m = 34, Ha: m > 34 sd = 10 n = 65 What would the sample mean be for the p-value to be .05 We're on the chapter dealing with hypothesis testing, so I know I should be able to find the answer in here...
  16. G

    Significant p-value, but 95%CI includes 0

    Hello everyone, I have the following problem: The result of a Pearson correlation (sample size = 177) was significant, r = .127, p = .048 (one-tailed). However, the 95% confidence interval includes zero, 95% CI [-.02, .27]. How is it possible to have a significant p, when the CI...
  17. rogojel

    Mixing lasso with OLS

    Hi, I am looking at a data set of 45 continuous IV and 1 DV, trying to find an acceptable regression model. I tried the lasso with cross-validation and ended up with about 10 non-zero coefficients in the best model. However, when I ran the sanity test of building the OLS model with the 10...
  18. K

    how to measure p-value if dependent and independent come from different questionnaire

    I have in 1 dataset data from 1 questionnaire for students (which leads to the dependent: autonomy-score) and 1 questionnaire for teachers (which leads to the independent: autonomy-support-score). The independent is dichotomized in negative scores and positive scores. Can anyone help me...
  19. rogojel

    Confidence intervals vs. p -value

    Hi, we just had a very interesting discussion about the role of confidence intervals and p values in determining significance and I realised there is a point that is quite unclear to me, so, here is the question: I am considering a simple situation, a two sample proportion test, say. For each...
  20. K

    Significant difference between frequency of words in a text

    Hi, I guess it is a very basic question. Imagine two text samples, e.g. one text on someone's mother and the other on father. Text about mother includes word love for 80 times (1% of all words) and bout father for 50 times (0.8% of all words). Can we establish if this difference is significant...