paired t-test

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    [Paired T-Test] Assumptions & Violations

    poor design methods
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    non-significant Paired T-test, what happens next??

    Hi, I'm analysing my data for my master's dissertation and I'm having problems! I have 3 "before" and "after" treatment groups (n=20 each) and I've applied paired samples t-test to the before and after data and found no significant differences between either of the groups at a p level of...
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    Paired t-test. H-E-L-P.

    Hi! I'm really, really hoping someone can help me with this, because I've been trying to figure it out on my own, and I'm getting NOWHERE. Here goes: I'm a student working on a paper regarding the use of cholesterol- lowering meds and cholesterol-leves in blood. My paper is basically...