panel data models in r

  1. H

    Dummy variables in fixed effects models

    I am doing a research on factors influencing firm performance, So I am fitting a fixed-effect modelling approach in R using 3-year panel data, with a total of 193 firms, these firms are grouped into 4 different sizes (Medium, Small, Very Small and Micro depending on thier annual sales levels). I...
  2. T

    Panel regression: Deciding on fixed effects and random effects - Hausman

    Dear members ,I have a problem with my thesis while using regression. In short: My fixed effects model is not significant and has no meaningfulness whatsoever. My random effects model is significant and could be used. But: Hausman tests strongly suggests, that I should use fixed effects and...
  3. helgasaraswati

    Data Panel In R Commander

    Here is an example of three different methods (fixed effects, random effects) for analyzing Models in R Commander