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    Question about a Pearson's Correlation - r, p, sig

    this is the resulting table from a t-test... variable1 variable 2 variable 1 Pearson Correlation 1 .344 Sig. (2-tailed) .404 N 8 8 Variable 2 Pearson Correlation .344...
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    Correlation Hypotheses (Pearsons) - Is a Null Hypothesis necessary?!

    Hi :) I'm quite confused on whether it is possible predicting 3 positive correlations? Or is it necessary that there should be a null? For instance, these are my hypotheses below: H1: There will be a significant positive relationship between the Mean Reaction Time on the Emotional Stroop...
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    Pearson r and Data

    I am trying to determine the relationship of scores on a test between teachers and their students. I have 40 classes for a total of 40 teachers and 335 students. For example, Teacher (Bob) scored a 70 out of 100 and his 24 students scored an average of 60; Teacher (Susie) scored an 83 and her 27...