1. K

    Autocorrelation of discrete time series

    I am currently planning on calculating the autocorrelation for various lags given a time series. However, my elements of the time series are "discrete" and abstract classes; i.e., no integers. For example, my series could look like: class A, class B, class A, class A ... Of course I...
  2. C

    can you do a chi sq w/ 2 different n sizes?

    can you do a chi sq w/ 2 different n sizes? I have an experiment with 2 groups (pre medicine and post medicine). Group 1: 400 subjects Group 2: 332. When Put the data in (via 1 and 0s) into my SPSS I keep getting really weird answers. How can I accommodate for the 68 subject difference...
  3. B

    Pearson product Correlation

    If I am looking for a relationship between several different variables (personality characteristic, attachment, eating pathology) does it matter that they have all been measured on different scales? For example - some give a score out of 20, some of the sub scales give scores out of 5 and so...
  4. K

    statistics help please

    I'm having trouble with a few questions in my text book and was hoping you could help...I need to know this for my exam and I just need some help figuring these out...the first one is 1. A two-factor research study has two levels of factor A and two levels of factor B with n = 10...
  5. K

    What are some statistical tests for the relationship between two variables?

    Hi, I posted previously, but I haven't got any response, I assume its more appropriate to post in this forum, that's why I'm posting again. How do I test the relationship between Govt. Spending on Police and the Number of robberies (annually) I have 51 data points. I've done Pearson's, I...
  6. A

    Help with statistical test.

    Hello all: I'm new to the forum and new to statistics. I'm a student doing a research on User Acceptance of Technology using a model known as UTAUT. I don't know how to conduct the appropriate statistical test to answer the hypothesis in my research. I've only taken a couple of statistic...
  7. J

    [Independent and Repeated T Tests] Choosing Best Design Methods

    No feedback. Problem solved.
  8. drewmac

    DF and fishers vs. pearson's

    Hallo everyone I'm having a mental block today, and having trouble getting my df value. So, here's a summary of my data to help: 32 participants face-to-face 18 participants online 40 questions; binomial correct/incorrect answers I'm comparing the accuracy rates of the face-to-face...