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    Planned a MANOVA, but data may suggest a MANCOVA

    Hi there! Thanks for taking a minute to help me. I'm in the final days of my PhD and running analyses for my final study. But the longer I look at my data, the more I am beginning to think my planned analyses do not look like they make sense. I really need someone here to act as a sounding...
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    structured phd in statistics (europe!)

    hey guys, as the title suggests, Im looking for a structured phd program in europe. Except for the more well known / competitive programs (in which I don't stand a chance), I couldn't find much. Any advice or recommendation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! greets, snoggla
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    PhD Dissertation Help

    I was hoping that someone could give me advice. I'm currently in my second year of the dissertation process of my PhD. My committee chair has not been very helpful in guiding me in which type of statistical analysis I should select for my proposed study. If I give some basic information, I'm...
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    Looking for suggestions on proposed research questions

    Are my questions worded succinctly? Can you think of other information that could be gathered in order to determine whether CEO involvement influences the level of employee participation when it comes to community support? Think about Corporate Social Responsibility and companies supporting...
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    Advice on distance learning and grad schools

    Hello All, I would like to pursue further education in machine learning/ statistics. The most probable option for me would be to earn a distance learning degree. I have a background in mechanical and chemical engineering. For my masters degree I studied non-linear regression and a few...
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    MS Statistics: Would I get accepted without research?

    I am interested in going to grad school for Statistics but I am concerned that I would not be accepted. I am interested in a Phd because I would ideally want to teach and do research, but my statistics experience is minimal so I think getting an MS first is a better option for me. I am...