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    How to calculate Log Hazard Ratio in SAS

    proc phreg data = analysis ; class c diabetes /descending; model days*ind(0) = c diabetes id/ rl ; id= c *diabetes; hazardratio id; run; I am trying to run a simple Cox Regression in SAS. I cant seem to find a way to calculate log-hazard ratio for my variables in the model. The hazard...
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    Another, more difficult Cox Regression/Hazard Ratio interpretation question

    So, for an assignment, we were given this data taken from the Stanford Heart Study from 1978 or so: I used equal signs because I thought dashes might be confusing. They haven no mathematical function in the following 'tables' The variables in question are: Age in years in reference to age 48...
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    proc PHREG all of my coefficients are zero?

    Hi All, I am using proc PHREG to run a survival analysis and although I'm not getting any error messages, I'm pretty sure something is going wrong, because all of my chi-squared values and parameter estimates are coming out at exactly zero, no matter what model I run. Has anyone ever seen this...