1. Lazar

    SQLite select from based on Pivot of another table

    Ok I have a database that includes two tables. A datatable that looks like: a b c d e f g h i 1 -2.1772586 0.54904839 -0.09064777 -0.30904735 0.902645747 0.25056056 -0.07167768 0.5477423 -0.06540162 2...
  2. A

    one-sided confidence intervals

    [b]1. Let X1,...,Xn be iid with cdf Fθ, where Fθ(x) = (x/θ)^β for x in [0, θ]. Here β>0 is a known constant and θ>0 is an unknown parameter. Let X(n)= max (X1,...,Xn). f(x|θ)=nβ(x^(nβ-1))/(θ^(nβ)) when x is in [0, θ]. Part one was to show that P= X(n)/θ is a pivot for θ. Which I did by...